So it begins...

I've never been one to get into blogging.  But I have always been into photography.   So  I figured I would try an experiment for the first part of the summer and possibly continue it throughout the duration depending on it's success.

One of the ironies in photography is summed up by the quote;

"the best pictures happen when your camera is at home"

I plan to combat this by having my camera with me as much as possible over the next few weeks and perhaps further into the summer.  Everyday, I'm going to post what I think are the best three pictures from the day.  And since I'll have my camera with me almost all the time, hopefully enough pictures will be taken to yield at least a few decent ones.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy this.  I'm excited, hopefully it will do good for my photography skills as well.


PS - Forgive the lethargic nature of the postings.  After all, pictures will only be posted "once daily".